Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zeus and Hera

                             According to ancient texts, when Zeus took his wife Hera in his arms, the whole earth burst into spring; green leaves opening and flowers blooming all in an instant.

Zeus and Hera

...leaving out the part of the legend where Zeus cheats on Hera incessantly and she kills or curses countless females in her jealous rage, their love was a glorious and passionate one!


Achilles was a great warrior


Cupid was known for being mischievous and rather a punk.

Euterpes from the back

Hermes, close-up

Hermes, full length


Atlas was tricked by Zeus into holding the celestial sphere "just for a minute", and then Zeus LEFT Atlas to continue holding it forever!  Responsible Atlas could not just drop it, so he continues holding it to this day.


Adonis, the young god of beauty
Adonis was a fiery, moody god and got into it with other gods quite often!


Aphrodite was born of water....she stepped, according to some texts, straight from the frothing waves, and from others, out of a large oyster shell.  Either way, it was cold.


Bacchus, the god of wine....there was ALWAYS a party going on when Bacchus was around!


Euterpes was a capricious, moody muse....


Euterpes, the muse of music

Aphrodite close-up

Aphrodite, the goddess of love